Wednesday, 29 August 2007

What Do I Do...

... Now that my Red Planet submission has been sent in?

It feels a little odd to not have a deadline to work to, to polish a script, re-draft etc; of course assuming I get through the first round (please, God!) and get asked to supply the full script then no small amount of PO3 polishing will occur.

I'm torn between going back to my four-parter terrorist script or start working on something new. Lucy duly "... ripped the shit" out of the terrorist story for overly long scenes and seemingly even longer monologues. She said that one of them was the longest she had ever seen! I think I knew what she meant, but then she is a strange one.

Like the rest of the six-hundred odd people, I'm waiting for the BSSC to announce the next round qualifiers, but I'm doing my best to try and forget about it. Can't change the outcome, can I? They said end of August, didn't they?

I've just done my daily read through of numerous Writers' Blogs, and am glad to hear that Dominic is getting over the worst of it. I had an attack of 'Influenza des Hombres' (Spanish Man-flu) earlier in the year, and barely made it through. Of course, the other half said that I was putting it on, but women will never understand how bad it can be, can they? Get better soon, Mr Carver.

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